Your Business Card
Comes Alive

Create exciting moments when you meet people with AR powered cards that’s geeky, professional, fun and yet, aesthetically pleasing.

The Cardlio Experience

🎈 Flexible

Never worry about an outdated card. When you change jobs or contact information, simply update your details. 

⚡ Fast

Too lazy just like us or uncomfortable to type? just scan, view, connect. All within 5 seconds.

🕶️ Unlimited

The sky is big enough for all, so is Cardlio. There’s no limit to what you can/should be on your card. It’s like, your entire portfolio + more in the A(i)R.

💸 Affordable

AR is perceived to be an expensive, geeky technology but it’s not. You get 100 pieces of the cards for N10,000 only.

Why Augmented Reality?

  • Your AR business card acts as a virtual ad for yourself, bringing people additional valuable content about you, which you couldn’t possibly fit onto a regular business card.
  • Because of its “wow” effect and the ability showcase different kinds of things to give your recipient a show not tell insight into your work.
  • With an AR business card, you can stand out from other people and make it really easy for the other person to find out more about you. All they need to do is point their phone at it.
  •  No app required to view the experience, ever! We’ve removed the biggest hurdle, so you’re left with the most amazing business cards that leave a lasting impression on your network of contacts.

Powered by a complete Augmented Reality API technology

The center of all these is a tightly integrated stack of technologies sharing resources to render computer-generated images of your details on top of your real vision, fusing a virtual world with your own.

Showcase yourself in the most memorable way!