Announcing Cardlio 2.0

We're out of beta! and every other new update.

Charles Ochei
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We have studied archives, made research, spoken to people from different career parts and kinds and have gone through dozens of design iterations to come up with an elegant solution to significantly change the way we experience business cards to increases your chances of a follow up by a recipient.


Business cards are more alive than ever. Billions of professionals, artisans and creatives on the planet probably have or have received one before. This is the most widely employed form of exchanging contact details on the go and also, one of the only few chances to make an outstanding first impression.

Since the 19th century when it became a thing, there haven’t been any innovation around business cards and the way they’re being designed. Cards then, were boring, simple clusterfuck black text on white stock and never paid attention to aesthetics.

An attorney’s business card, 1895

The few attempts to make business cards look fancy weren’t feasible. For instance, in the ’90s, business cards were offered in compact disc format with a storage capacity from 30 MB to 100 MB. They contained business information about a company or individual in any preferred format. CDs were cool but to an individual, making these were expensive and cost about $30(N15,000) per disc. Imagine having to print hundreds.

Business card size CD

Present times, cards have been improved on thanks to the advancement in printing technologies. Now, cards are fun to have, easy to make and have a striking visual design but they come with their constraints.

My last name is spelt ‘Ochei’ but sometimes, including on my National Examination Council result, it was misspelt as ‘Ochel’ or a name common among Muslims spelt ‘Fu’ad’ but might be misspelt as ‘Fuad’. How do you correct such mistakes on 100s of already printed business cards?

A Pain in the ass situation for freelance creatives is moving your work email form ‘’ to a custom ‘’. if you had already made and given out cards with the first email, how do you tell everyone who has your card that you’ve changed email? You could argue that one could use both emails but it would leave you with scattered and unorganized email conversations.

Existing cards right now are limited to your name, phone numbers, an email address and a website link. what if I want to show more? What if I want to stand out and make sure my card doesn’t get to the file of ‘one of those cards’?

Cardlio cards solves these.

Cardio proposes to innovate the way we experience, design and exchange business cards using Augmented Reality technology. We’re not making a replacement for business cards, instead we’re offering more flexibility, more options and making them interactive.

We’re offering these beautifully designed, clean minimalist cards with QR codes where your information are update-able like an app. What makes our card stand out is you simply scan the QR code via your mobile phone’s camera, your contact details pops out in the air and you can save them on your phone by clicking the ‘Save’ button or you could perform an action like directly making a phone call. This is convenient compared to typing out a URL, email address and other details.

See how it works

Further, there’s an unlimited number of contact information you can include. Videos, pictures and an unlimited link to whatever you have can be added to your card. It’s an interactive experience of a real-world environment and computer-generated perceptual information.

Cardlio’s aren’t static, you can edit wherever the card links to and your contact information via your phone as compared to physical where you have to completely change them if you move to another country or change jobs, This makes our cards eco-friendly, cost-effective.

An advantage of Cardlio card is that it creates an astonishing first impression. It woahs people and forces them to check your card even if they don’t want to. Cardlio cards makes you standout, period.

What’s new in 2.0?

  • We’ve finally launched out of beta with a beautiful landing page you should totally check out here. This puts everything there is to know about Cardlio in one place.
  • We’re integrated with Paystack for cross-border and secure payments. This expands the method which you can pay for your cards.
  • An improved AR card experience.
  • An expanded help and support team.
  • Now, you get 100 pieces of cards for N10,000.

We have begun to receive orders for cards, place an order to receive your deck or Cardlio’s.